My name is Jelle, Besides a designer, I’m a creator, cook, bartender, sailor, traveler, sneaker lover, loyal friend, and life enjoyer. I recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and I'm starting to figure out what I would like to do with everything that I’ve learned in the past years.
As a designer, I like to experiment with material color and shape. Through a playful process and a strong aesthetic view, I create physical projects that invoke joy and sensation.
Furthermore, working in and around the world of hospitality and events has always been something I enjoyed a lot. Even though I don’t see myself running a restaurant or organizing a festival, I like to work with one foot in this world and use the skills I learned in this field in my design work.

" I think it’s more important to make something more fun than to make it easier. "

// born 23/01/1995 @ Culemborg city the Netherlands