Van Pauper naar Nieuwkomer

In many ways the Colonies of Benevolence turned out to not be a big success. However the idea of offering a chance to build a new life to the less fortunate was admirable and progressive in its time. This idea is still very relevant today. The number of refugees fleeing their countries is still extremely high, and the people that have found refuge often have a hard time starting up their new lives. From Pauper to Newcomer looks at the analogy between the colonists from 200 years ago and the refugees today. ... With the idea of «When life gives you lemons, make lemonade», Jelle designed a lemonade stand that gives refugees the chance to connect and interact with people that they otherwise wouldn't meet. Jelle wants to create a positive experience that tells the story of the colonies and their relevance today.

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// 2018 〜 Man and Leisure >> Design academy Eindhoven



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Van pauper naar nieuwkomer