This project is a collaboration I did with another student, Leo. At that time we were both dealing with the topic of escaping in one way or another and we decided to team up and make a project out of it.
The aim was to share the sense of escaping we were looking for ourselves with others. To offer this escape to others we set up a reversed escape room that allowed people to escape for a brief moment of the day. Within this, all-white, room we designed different actions that people could take part in. Amongst them: A white suit that all participants had to put on. A cage to lock all the mobile phones in that was being monitored by a camera. A cocktail that participants could make themselves. Real of fake tattoos that people could design themselves and get, and a secret voice that would read small text that people could write through the room. ... Even though the try-out we did was on a small scale, the outcome was quite successful for us. The feedback we got from the participants was that the atmosphere in the room truly made them escape for a while.

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// 2017 〜 Man and Leisure >> Design academy Eindhoven

// Collaboration w. Leo Orta


The Sweet Retreat

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